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Judi Spiers

Hello and welcome to the 'official' Judi Spiers website.

I say official because I was staggered whilst trawling through the web to find that I am a film star and famous musician!!!

How thrilling. But I hardly think a short appearance in Lynda La Plantes 'The Guvínor' and playing the triangle at Macmillan's nursery in Plymouth qualify for screen legend and muso!

Anyway lets get on with what I can and do do.

Whether you're just browsing, or you've deliberately typed 'Judi Spiers' into your browser, I hope you will find the things you want to know about me here Ö and maybe one or two you didnít think you wanted.

And, if this website thing is working as it should and you have your speakers turned on, you're listening to the theme tune to to a chat show I had on television. It was written by the man who is described as the most prolific writer of TV themes including Blockbusters, Catchphrase and The National Lottery Big ticket...Ed Welch. (I warn you - by his own admission it's an ear worm!!!!)

Warm ones
Judi Spiers

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This is where you can find out what Iím up to and other news that I think may interest you.

As you can probably guess, I lead a pretty hectic life and so don't expect daily updates but please check back from time to time.

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